How to Secure your home

How to Secure your home

You don’t have to dig a moat around your home and install missiles on your rooftop to keep the bad guys away. In fact, the missiles might suggest you’ve got something very, very valuable inside. The DIY experts at Q&A site Stack Exchange chime in on a few ways to keep burglars from invading your personal space.


How can I make my home more secure? Right now we have a GE Simon XT alarm system, but it doesn’t respond to broken windows. We put some PVC pipes in the tracks of the lower floor windows, to be sure, but what other suggestions do you have?

ESAC (originally asked here)


Top Answer: Appearances Matter

  • Don’t have anything valuable. Or at least, don’t appear to.
  • Look like you care about upkeep and security. You don’t have to outrun the bear, etc.
  • Secure your air conditioners if they’re in-window. That’s so easy to do.
  • Avoid doors which have glass near the doorknob. I watched an episode of This Old House where they installed a beautiful glass door in a crappy part of Boston. All I could think was smash and twist.
  • A large dog door (or cat door) can be a way in; secure it.

But mostly, don’t look like a target.

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